It’s a beautiful day, ladies and gentlemen. Want to know why? Because today I am sharing with you photos from a recent birthing session I did with Katy and Dustin and their perfect little angel, Miss Leeds. She was born at 7:15am on November 2, 2015 at home. And my goodness is she a happy little lady. 

Stats on baby Leeds:
Just over 9 pounds
22 inches long

I was so honored to be with Katy and Dustin on the day of their child’s birth (even if I did miss it by 1 minute… yes 1 minute). There really aren’t very many things that are as beautiful as bringing another life into the world. 

The love in their home on November 2 was truly overwhelming. I know that baby Leeds and her parents have a lot more where that came from, too. I hope they keep me up to date with what’s happening in their lives!




Hello everyone,

Sorry I’ve been missing in action for the last few weeks. I was busy training for my first half marathon that I completed yesterday. It’s something that I’ve wanted to accomplish for awhile now and so glad I had the chance to do it!

On to business… One of my favorite types of images during the newborn session/birth session are the macro shots.

I find that these simple little shots are some of the most important to me. Little toes, little fingers, little nose, and little lips. These are the things that I miss about my little ones when they were just days old. I never want to forget the little milk blisters they would get on their lips. I always want to remember how little their finger nails were and how wispy their hair was. The little chubby cheeks and button noses. I also like to include the belly button… especially, if the umbilical cord hasn’t completely fallen off. To me personally this is one of the most interesting shots because it’s the physical connection between mom and baby. There will always be the emotional connection but the physical connection where mom grew her baby for nine months falls away.

Take a look at these beautiful macro newborn shots.





Hello Again,

I met this family last fall. We did an Operation Love Reunited session (don’t know about this organization? No worries! It’s next up on the blog!). We’ve done several session since last fall including their most recent of their newest addition.

The three older sisters met me at the door telling me about their new baby sister. They absolutely adore her. And honestly, how could you not?! Check out these cute little fingers and cheeks!

Thank you A family for letting me spend the day capturing beautiful photos of your family.




Hello Everyone,

Did you know that I participate in Operation Love Reunited? This is an organization started by a military wife to provide photos either before deployment, mid-deployment, or homecomings. I love that I can offer this to fellow military families.


Here are a few FAQs about the organization:

Who are we?
Operation: Love Reunited was started in 2006 by Tonee Lawrence, a military wife. After her husband returned from a long deployment and she had no photos to document her kids reuniting with their father, she saw a specific need as well as a unique way for photographers to give back. And from that thought, OpLove was born.

Who qualifies?
To participate in our program, you must be either an immediate family member of or a member of the military. The military member must have orders to deploy or an official letter of command. We follow all the federal regulations on what is considered a “combat zone”. Certain locations and unaccompanied tours, are not qualified at this time. The orders have to be for a departure period of at least 4 months overseas. For more details on our covered deployment areas, visit:

More details…
Here is some helpful additional info:
* The prints MUST be sent directly to the military member, not the family.
* All sessions must be patriotic themed. For pre–deployment or R&R sessions, the military person has to be in uniform for at least part of the session.
* A Client Form, as required by the DoD, must be completed prior to the session.
* Our photographers are not allowed to require clients for additional sales. The OpLove Gift must be fulfilled before any additional sales can be made.

Why we do it…
Our military members give so much to us. The purpose of our organization is to help those long months go by a little faster while they are separated from their loved ones. It’s designed to capture moments that you will long remember and always treasure. It’s art. It’s love. It’s all made possible by artists wanting to give some- thing back to those who make the United States what it is, and ask for nothing in return – but for these men and women to come home safely.
OpLove is a 100% volunteer organization. Our photographers are not financially compensated in any way.

About the sessions….
Military members that are dealing with a deployment are allowed a maximum of two sessions per year/deployment. Please see below for specific session types.
First session is your choice of:
1) Pre or Mid Deployment Session
A) Pre-deployment session
B) Saying Good-Bye session
C) Mid-Deployment (family only) D) R&R session
Second session is only allowed as:
2) Homecoming Session—done at the time of the actual homecoming, not
The OpLove Gift includes the military – themed session noted above and:
• For pre- or mid- deployed sessions,
fifteen 4×6 prints and 2 sets of photo dogtags, with free shipping to the deployed person overseas
• For homecoming sessions, fifteen digital image downloads with limited print rights.


Are you interested in booking an Operation Love Reunited session? Follow this link:

See you soon!



Hello everyone,

I photographed the most precious little baby a few months ago.  I also had the privilege to photograph his birth.  This family is amazing and I can’t wait to work with them again.

Introducing baby L

These are just a few of my favorite shots from this precious family's session.