Hello everyone,

Sorry I’ve been missing in action for the last few weeks. I was busy training for my first half marathon that I completed yesterday. It’s something that I’ve wanted to accomplish for awhile now and so glad I had the chance to do it!

On to business… One of my favorite types of images during the newborn session/birth session are the macro shots.

I find that these simple little shots are some of the most important to me. Little toes, little fingers, little nose, and little lips. These are the things that I miss about my little ones when they were just days old. I never want to forget the little milk blisters they would get on their lips. I always want to remember how little their finger nails were and how wispy their hair was. The little chubby cheeks and button noses. I also like to include the belly button… especially, if the umbilical cord hasn’t completely fallen off. To me personally this is one of the most interesting shots because it’s the physical connection between mom and baby. There will always be the emotional connection but the physical connection where mom grew her baby for nine months falls away.

Take a look at these beautiful macro newborn shots.